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Team Member Examples

Houman Azizi.jpeg

My name is Houman, and I graduated from undergraduate studies in Honours Neuroscience at McGill University in 2021. I was born in Iran and immigrated to Montreal in 2015. I joined the ICU Bridge Program in 2020 as a volunteer and loved every second of it! I am interested in research on the brain’s reward circuits, and I am a huge soccer fan and love to play it whenever I can!

Houman Azizi 
Website Designer

(June 2021 - Present)

Marianne Schuler - ICU.jpeg

My name is Marianne Schuler and I am a third-year Anatomy and Cell Biology student at McGill University. I enjoy going outdoors and go hiking, running and watch sunsets with friends. I am also passionate about neuroscience and I am considering pursuing a career in that field. The brain tells us what to hear, what to feel, and what to say and yet, we know so little about it!

Marianne Schuler 
Communications Coordinator

(June 2021 - Present)



David Hornsein.jpg

Dr. Hornstein started the Lauren Alexander Foundation in 2013 and came up with the groundbreaking concept of a shadowing and volunteering program, now called the ICU Bridge Program. He continues to develop new ways to make the ICU a more welcoming place for both patients and visitors.

Dr. David Hornstein

Bita Danechi.jpg

Bita helps us organize our orientation sessions and welcomes our volunteers to the ICU. She is responsible for supporting visitors and facilitating the interactions between staff, volunteers, and visitors.

Bita Danechi 
Family nurse clinician​


The volunteer services manager and administrative assistant, respectively, who help us get our volunteers officially registered at the MGH, RVH, Lachine and Neuro, and able to begin volunteering and shadowing in the ICU.

Rita Giulione & Mattia Angerillo
Volunteer services manager & Administrative assistant

Pina 2.JPG

Pina is available to support patients and families who are dealing with serious illness, disability, end of life, or under situations of stress, isolation, lack of resources, youth protection and family violence. She provides  informational support and practical help to patients and their families who  may require this assistance.

Pina D'Orve
Social Worker

Susan 1.JPG

Susan suggests and incorporates clinical programs improving medical practices for patients’ safety and well-being.  She is also responsible for coordinating the multidisciplinary team and for training fellow nurses, ensuring the most up-to-date health services to patients.

Susan Cameron
Nurse Educator

Ruth Guselle#2.jpg

Ruth helps volunteers interact with family members. In the ICU, she is an important liaison between the ICU staff and the families’ loved ones. As the Family nurse clinician in the ICU, she is an important resource person for the families and volunteers alike.

Ruth Guselle
Family Nurse Clinician

unnamed (1).png

Sarah Shea
Assistant Nurse Manager
(Second from left)

Jennifer Bourque
Spiritual Care Specialist

Judith Le Gallais
(Second from Right)


Dr. Samara Zavalkoff
Pediatric Intensivist

Sylvie Ampleman.jpg

As head nurse, Sylvie has numerous administrative responsibilities and ensures that the optimal nursing care is provided in the ICU. She is constantly working with the ICU Bridge Program to provide new shadowing and learning opportunities for our volunteers.

Sylvie Ampleman
Head Nurse

Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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