The Lauren Alexander​

ICU Support for Families Fund

It’s the “little things” that matter….

Our fund is dedicated to alleviating the stresses families & friends experience when their loved ones are hospitalized in our Critical Care Unit.

We Help.  It’s that simple. With whatever the immediate need is.

Whether it’s providing a meal, getting toiletries to families who cannot leave the hospital or paying for parking, we try to do the small things so you can be there for the people you love

About Lauren

From San Francisco, Lauren Alexander was a student at McGill University in Montreal, Québec. Majoring in Russian Studies and French Literature, she was a talented artist & an adept linguist. Lauren had the ability to move, teach & bring people together, whether in class, as GSA president, or while sharing her love of music. She was bright and creative - quirky & kind, and she was a great friend to have if you needed support.


Her love of music and her joie de vivre inspired the upcoming benefit concert, as well as the mission of the Lauren Alexander Support for Families fund.

Who We Are

The Lauren Alexander Initiative and Fund was started in 2013 by Dr. David Hornstein.  Dr. Hornstein is an Internist/Intensivist at the McGill University Health Center, based at the Montreal General Hospital.  Dr. Hornstein cared for Lauren Alexander during her illness.

Dr. Hornstein was joined early in this project by:

Ms. Bita Danechi, RN — Nurse Clinician in the Intensive Care Unit at the Montreal General Hosptial.  Ms. Danechi is responsible for the support of patients and family members of patients in Intensive Care.  In addition, she supports the medical and nursing staff in all manner of interactions with patients and families.

Ms. Georgia Bakos — Administrative assistant in the Intensive Care Unit at the Montreal General Hospital.  Ms. Bakos has been an integral part of this project since its beginning, providing inestimable logistic support and creative input.  Ms. Bakos is extremely devoted to helping us help family members in any way we can.

Ms. Gabrielle Raill —  Creative designer and owner of Railldesign Inc. Lifetime family friend of Dr. Hornstein, Ms. Raill enthusiastically embraced this project, took it under her wing, and has been pivotal in the elaboration of its outreach through the design of our website and facebook pages, our visual material, and our event planning.  Gabrielle continues to work exhaustively to ensure that we capture the spirit of Lauren Alexander so that we may respect it and represent it faithfully in our endeavours. You can see more of her work on her website.

Ms. Diana Sarcone — Ms. Sarcone provides administrative support to the fund and acts as its initial treasurer.  She was instrumental in setting up the Lauren Alexander Fund at the Montreal General Hospital Foundation, and she handles all interaction with the foundation in this regard. 

What We Do