The ICU Bridge Program provides university students with the opportunity to volunteer and shadow in the ICU. Not only does this help visitors in these vulnerable times, but the experiences gained by our volunteers will help shape our future healthcare practitioners.



Montreal General Hospital

Montreal Children's Hospital

Jewish General Hospital

Royal Victoria Hospital

ICU Diaries

An ICU diary is an electronic journal documenting the patient’s stay at the ICU. It is not a medical record, but a ledger to which family members and ICU staff may contribute thoughts that they feel may later be helpful to the patient. Diary entries are typically written by visitors or nurses, with the help of ICU Bridge Program volunteers. They may include:

  • Wishes and reflections from visitors

  • Pictures of the patient's progress

  • A video of the patient's first steps

  • Simple everyday events such as updates from the family, the weather outside, sports news…


The ICU Bridge Program volunteers will assist in managing journal entries by providing an iPad to interested families and showing them how the diary application works (how to access the appropriate journal, how to add photos/videos/audio recordings, etc).

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