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Join our community of volunteers

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The ICU Bridge Program offers students the opportunity to volunteer and shadow in the ICU.

If you are looking to help ICU visitors and gain experiences in a vulnerable healthcare environment, then this could be your chance.

How to apply?

Application Process

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Who can join?


  • Volunteers will need to have a functional grasp of both English and French to interact with patients and families (volunteers should be able to understand and respond in both languages).

From any university


  • Mature, responsible, respectful, and committed

  • Communication skills

  • Able to work in volunteer pairs

Time Commitments

One 4-Hour shift every week for a minimum of one complete semester (4 months)



Shift 1: 8:00-12:00

Shift 2: 12:00-16:00

Shift 3: 16:00-20:00

Shift 4: 20:00-0:00



Summer: May-August

Fall: September-December

Winter: January-April


3 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine is required to continue/start volunteering (volunteers may only begin 14 days after receiving their 3rd dose)

Volunteers must submit their official proof of receiving the COVID-19  vaccination from the government (document with a QR code)

July 20th for the Fall Semester (September - December)

November 20th for the Winter Semester (January - April)

March 20th for the Summer Semester (May - August)​

Please note that applications are on a rolling admission and priority is given to those who apply in advance. Application decisions will be provided before the start of each semester (1st of Sept, Jan, May).



Note: Make sure to get started on preparing your vaccination information as early as possible as this can potentially pose the largest delay

Information to Prepare


Review what to expect as a volunteer and information about shadowing.​

Please fill out Form 1 and Form 2. After completing and submitting each form you will receive a summary email including 1) a summary of the completed form and 2) a link to the next form.



Form 1: "ICUBP Application Form 1"


Most of the applicant's information will be filled out in in form 1. Please fill out all required fields according to the instructions provided in the form. This form includes:

  • Standard applicant information

  • Vaccination information

  • Hospital forms

  • ICUBP Volunteer Agreements

  • Volunteer preferences 

After submitting Form 1, you will receive a summary email containing:

  • ICUBP contracts

  • PDF Forms (auto-populated with your information and signature)

  • Link to Form 2

  • Information regarding next steps

Form 2: "ICUBP Application Form 2"

This form includes documents that volunteers must upload including:

  • a single PDF containing the auto-filled forms from Form 1, your professional photo, a copy of your two pieces of ID, and your written/electronic vaccination record.

  • IPAC Hand washing certificate

  • CV

  • Letter of Intent

Two valid pieces of ID (one photo ID and one with a valid address): 

  • Driver's license

  • Passport

  • Health insurance card

  • Birth certificate

  • Permanent resident card

  • Citizenship card

  • Official immigration document or refugee status attestation document

After submitting Form 2, you will receive a summary email containing:

  • Information regarding next steps

  • Link to Form 3 (Optional)

Form 3 (Optional) 

This is an anonymous Equity and Diversity Survey to give the ICUBP a better understanding of the diversity of volunteers in our program. By completing this survey you are helping the ICUBP reflect and propose new ways to further increase this diversity and ensure that our program's volunteers are representative of Canada's diverse population.



If your application has been accepted, you will be invited for a brief interview hosted by Medical Direction (for McGill students) or MedSpecs (for Concordia, UdeM, and other University students). This interview requires no preparation as we simply want to get to know you better. The only exception to this rule is that we ask our applicant's to review our website, as we are frequently asked questions that are covered in detail on our website. Questions regarding website content (the ICUBP's origins and mission, volunteer role, timeline, etc.) may be asked during the interview.

If you do not receive a response three weeks after your interview, please send us a reminder at specifying the date you received your interview and the name

of your interviewer (if possible).

Interview decisions are based on a number of factors, including, but not limited to:

  • Precision and content of the application portfolio

  • Interview professionalism (arriving on time, respectful, etc.)

  • Bilingual communication (english & french)

  • Maturity

  • Knowledge of the program

Please keep in mind that the application process is competitive and there are a limited number of positions per hospital. The final interview decisions are final and made by the ICUBP executive team. Therefore, any inquiries regarding the final decision should be made to the ICUBP:


If you pass your interview, you may be invited for an orientation (depending on  the number of positions available at the hospitals) at the designated hospital. We normally hold 2 orientations per hospital (1 in English and 1 in French) at the beginning of every semester (Winter Semester: January; Summer Semester: May; and Fall Semester: September)

More details will be provided by e-mail

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