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Fardad Jabbary

"I’m on my way to change my career path! Since I was kid, I always wanted to go into robotics. I was in love with computers. You might think it’s because my parents had an engineering background but not even! I grew up in a medical family. Both of my parents are surgeons and I use to go to the hospital with them at 4 am sometimes. I have seen people inside out since an early age… like literally! Choosing medicine then was not really exotic since it was kind of what mom and dad used to do everyday. So I studied software engineering and did my postgraduate research in artificial intelligence and then worked for an awesome company for several years […].

My interest in medicine started when I transitioned to have a healthier lifestyle. I used to be a chubby kid! In Toronto, while working as a software engineer, I became a personal trainer and completed a certificate program in nutrition and wellness. My biggest exposure to biology happened then - since the last time I had taken a biology class was back in high school… a long time ago! I studied the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system in detail. I was so fascinated by it that then I registered at Ryerson University as an independent student and took other anatomy and physiology classes. Guess who fell in love with medicine?!![…].

We live in a society where everybody contributes in one way or another. At the end of the day, everything boils down to human touch and interactions between people and how much you can connect with or HELP another person. It doesn’t have to be heroic by saving someone’s life! When volunteering, no one expects anything from you, which makes it so pure. The society doesn’t owe you anything and you don’t owe anything back either but you live in it! You might as well be part of something greater, wouldn’t you say?"

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