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Nicholas Salama-Siroishka

"One day I was walking around, trying to find someone to shadow, when a nurse I knew approached me and told me she was having difficulties with a patient. She asked if I would mind helping her out with this patient who was restless, in a bad mood, and did not want to talk to anyone. She said, "you are in Psychology, maybe you can get through to him." I was hesitant, thinking there's no way I can help in this kind of situation, but went anyway. She walked me to the patient's room and left. Guess who was asleep... I knew I needed to wake him up, but I didn't know how without accidentally touching the wires all around him - that's when I thought about playing a song next to his ear. As I was trying to guess what kind of music he'd like (based on his age), I remembered an awesome song I discovered on the radio a few days ago and thought he might like it. I held my phone up to his ear and started playing the song. Twenty seconds later, he woke up, turned to me with a startled look on his face, and said "Hey, that's my favorite song." I now go see him for a few minutes every week during my shift and we listen to music together. What I gather from all this is no matter who you are or what your background is, you can ALWAYS help."

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